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It is hard to find a website that really gives free Instagram followers no survey and no human verification and no offers needed or required to do. Because most of those sites on Google are paid websites, meaning you need to pay in order to get some free Instagram followers and that is not totally free.

Now, we will list the 4 methods that will give you free Instagram followers with no survey needed and also likes.

1.  Get Free Instagram Followers By Following Others Using AddMeFast

This website is on our number 1 list because this is one of the oldest websites that provides or gives free Instagram followers to their members.

You need to sign up and create an account. After that, you can now add your Instagram account by putting your Instagram username in the dashboard area.

AddMeFast is trusted and their website is running fine until now. This is the most legit website to get free instagram followers with no survey or download.

free instagram followers no survey

2. Follow Or Like Other Instagram Users Using Like4Like

free instagram followers no survey no downloadWell. who does not know about Like4like? it is one of the most popular social exchanging websites. This site is like addmefast too but they offer more services.

You can use Like4like to promote your business Instagram account because those people that will follow you from like4like are real people.

This is site is more popular than AddMeFast because of its beautiful user-interface that attracts the users, mostly girls.

Like4like.com is different from Like4like.org so that you know that they are not the same because some people got confused with these two different websites

3. Free Trial Package With Atleast Free Instagram 50 Followers With SocialProof

get free instagram followers no surveyThis one can give you 2o likes or followers every day. Not that much but at least the followers are free and all you have to do is register to their website.

If you do this, you will get 100 followers in 6 days. Just keep on visiting their website every day and log in to your account.

SocialProof is kind of new too but most people that used their service say that they are good and they are receiving free followers from SocialProof.

how to get free instagram followers no survey

socialproof rule about getting Instagram followers

4. The Instagram Free Followers Using The Red Circle Method

free instagram followers no survey no download no virusSome people say make your account public and post something trending and draw a red circle on the pic.

The photo will be showing on the Discover feature of Instagram.

People will start liking your photo and of course, they will visit your Instagram profile and some will follow you.

Getting Free Instagram Followers Without Survey

By using the websites above will generate you some free Instagram followers without survey on autopilot. Even when you are sleeping, it will increase day by day. You just do what it says on the websites to do and there will be no problem and your Instagram account or profile will look good and attract people to follow you because they see you have already a lot of followers so people will just tap that follow button without having a second thoughts.

How To Get Free Instagram Followers No Human Verification

You do not need to verify that you are a human in order to get free Instagram followers with no human verification because these websites are real and legit so you do not have to worry at all. They are not like those websites that require you to verify if you are a human or a bot. Those sites will just lead you to an endless online survey. Remember, human verification means survey when you search something free on the internet.

1000 Free Followers on Instagram

There are people that are finding some websites that give 1000 free followers on Instagram. Well, some are real and some are not. You just check the website that you are browsing on.

Maybe those 1000 followers are real or not real. Who knows, just check randomly if the profile has some photos and check their bios if you read something about the person that followed you.

Get Followers On Instagram

Those sites that have mentioned have no survey required to access their system or for you to join. You just need to log in your IG account to their dashboard and gain some points so you can spend them to get followers on Instagram.

Free IG Followers Instantly

Like4like is no doubt the most popular because some say they give free Instagram followers no survey and almost instantly. Their website looks good and kinda resembles Instagram which is a good thing.

You may try like4like by going to the link below and sign up and see for yourself.



Getting or acquiring free Instagram followers is not that hard, you just need to be creative. We will teach you a very clever trick that works for some people.

This method is unique and some say it is still working. You can try and see for yourself.

Just follow the tutorial below.

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